woensdag 20 maart 2013

Our last day at the DISKOMINFO office

Today it is our last day at the DISKOMINFO office, after three weeks going there on a daily basis. It has become a routine: to get up at six, called by the trumpet of the military basis close by, do some exercises when the temperatures are still reasonable, have breakfast with the delicious local fruit and the same sound of a passing kaki lima trying to sell so food already, and picked up by a  taxi at 7.30 to bring us to the office.

The last time to go up to the third floor (or actually the 2nd, as the ground floor is the first floor) starting our computers and get back to work, greeting everyone with Pagi as they shorten the more formal selamat pagi, see all the smiling faces. It all has become a daily routine which we will miss.

Today we only had to fill in some required forms on request of IBM together with the client. Karen also did some knowledge transfer of the skill assessment to one of section heads to show how he can repeat the exercise for his own team.

The best reward we could get for our work for DISKOMINFO was this morning when Pak Purnomo mentioned that Pak Dudi already took some actions based on our recommendations!  What great to hear, not to mention that Pak Purnomo was very happy as well!

Pak Purnomo offered us to go out for lunch to another Sundanese restaurant close to Gedung Sate again as it was our last day, but not before we took farewell pictures of the Telematika Division. Unfortunately not everybody was in.

 A nice ambiance!

The specialty of the restaurant was fish so we ordered two kind of fishes with nasi putih (white rice) and some vegetables.

After lunch we went back to the office to say goodbye to everyone! I felt a bit sad to need to say goodbye to all people we worked with the last weeks and to have the opportuntity to work in this beautiful country like my Granddad in tempo doeloe times!

Tonight we had a last dinner with almost all of us! Sergio offered to cook pasta again, a simple but delicious vegetarian tomato pasta and banana flambe for desert!
Imke, our German intern with Diskominfo, came to Magnolia to interview all of us for her final thesis for her bachelor study on global management.

Unbelievable that tomorrow will be our last day already before people start to fly out on Friday!
It will definitely be difficult to go back to work after such a great experience!

Luckily I still have two weeks of holiday!

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