zondag 10 februari 2013

Packing has started ......

With fresh snow on a Sunday morning it is hard to imagine I will be in a tropical environment in less than two weeks time!

Time to start packing! I had a big fitting session this morning to decide what I will pack so that I am prepared on an Islamic working environment: dress modestly is the advise, should not be tight fitting or revealing! In practice this means blouses with long or three-quarter-length sleeves, skirts reaching below the knees! Pants are allowed!
For me this means wearing linen pants and fortunately my Mom still has a skirt which I brought back from one of my Asian trips and applies to the "rules".

We also need to be prepared to the freezing offices, so knowing myself of being "cold blooded" I need matching vests as well. Scarves are need for the occasions that you might need to cover your head!
Quite different packing list from my normal holiday trips!

Hopefully my suitcase is big enough and all will fit within the 23 kg allowed with KLM. But that's something for next week!

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