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Our first day: Kickoff and ..... Kid Smart Competition

At 9.15 we left the B&B to get to our first workday. Some of us are nervous to meet their clients for the first time. We went to the office of one of our clients, where we were welcomed by all the three companies.

They had made a welcome banner, especially for us. Looked that they really looked forward to meet us.
Welcome banner

We were welcomed by Pak Deny, the head of the office where we had the meeting. He mentioned that they really looking forward to our coming and he asked us immediately to stay longer. We didn’t even start yet! So they are really thrilled about our coming!
After the introduction by Pak Deny, Ibu Hartini from IBM explained a bit more about the CSC program and our stay in the coming 4 weeks. 

After the first introductions we al had to introduce ourselves. Danny from IBV translated what we said. The people were very pleased when I said “Saya orang Belanda” ( I am Dutch). 

My introduction
After our introduction all the head of offices explained what they expect from us. The expectations are quite high, so we have a challenge there.
Pak Dudi from DISKOMINFO talking

The total team
At the end of the speeches and a Q&A session all the official photo’s had to be taken. Together with Karen & Manuel I am going to work for DISKOMINFO. We also have an intern from Germany in our team.
At government offices it is usual that they wear uniforms.

Our team
 Time for lunch! A great buffet was served and you could create your own "Nasi Rames". Delicious!!

After lunch we went to the library which took an hour as there was a lot of traffic. At the library we had a community service activity. A group of 50 children would have several competitions. One of them was Kid Smart competition on the Kid Smart computers given by IBM earlier.
We were welcomed like superstars! The staff was waiting for us in the entrance hall.

In the room 50 children (all between 8 and 10) were sitting down in their school uniform waiting for us. The staff prepared a welcome performance, with local music, dance and a story teller.

Particular the story teller was cute. He has a talented gift in entertaining people. He could speak very well. We had to introduce again ourselves and he asked all kind of questions about us, as the art of our country, the favorite food and where our country is famous for. He made all kind of compliments to all of us. Really funny. Micael was his name, he had a great sense of humor and wants to become a surgeon!

After the performances the competitions started: Kid Smart competition; Coloring competition and another one where they had to cut a model and build it. Together with Flavia and Sergio it was my job to be the judge of the coloring competition. In between the competition the kids collected our signatures. We all felt if we were famous!

The winners of the coloring competition
The day was a success! The kids had a lot of fun, the staff had a lot of fun and we had a lot of fun. What do we want more!
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