woensdag 26 december 2012

In the footsteps of my Granddad....

Congratulations!!!  You've been assigned to the Indonesia 4 Team with an expected departure date of February 22, 2013.

This was the title of the mail I found in my mailbox when I opened my mail in the morning of October 5th.
My first reaction was Indonesia, oh, it is the country in Asia I visited the most but then I realised....it is the country my Granddad worked in for almost 40 years. And now I have the chance to work in the same country, although it is for 4 weeks only.........

I called my Dad and told him: I am going to do something you never did and you propably will never do: working in Bandung for 4 weeks....Of course he knew immediately what I meant and I heard a small taste of jealousy in his voice when he congratulated me!

Bandung is one of the cities my Granddad stayed when he was on business trip. My Dad and I visited the city in 2005 when we were on a remembrance holiday! My dad visited Indonesia for the first time after he left the country almost 59 years before! We visited the city just before the Golden Jubilee of the Asian African Conference.

In the hall of our hotel!
 The hotel my Granddad stayed in the 30's!
The conference building

The weeks of preparation could start and started!

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